“Get things done with an instant
marketing team”


Full Spectrum Solution

“As a young, entrepreneurial sales organization it is easy to spread ourselves thin. The team at Red Wheel Marketing have an approach that keeps us focused on the big picture and what we need to do next to achieve the ultimate goal. They have a clear understanding of the interplay between marketing and sales and have the skills, discipline and tenacity to bridge the gap.

There are specialty firms that offer parts of the marketing management solution but I have not seen one with the tools and breadth of experience that Carolyn and her team have brought to bear on WINSTORM’s marketing and sales success.”

Mike Willoughby
President, WINSTORM presents inc.


Strategic Thinking & Fresh Ideas

“We needed more strategic thinking than a marketing coordinator could provide.
I selected Red Wheel Marketing because they were able to connect with the real issues in a way no-one else did. They bring a big picture perspective, strategic thinking, fresh ideas and a balanced bottom line perspective to driving business. “

Jeremy Behar,
President & CEO, Cirrus Tenant Lease Solutions

Contessa Vacations

120% Investment from Day One

"At Red Wheel Marketing, I work with people who are outcome driven, who know the value of a dollar - especially my dollar, and who deliver. It's like getting 120% on your investment from day one."

Shelley Dangelo
President, Contessa Vacations

New Strategies and Improvements to Existing Approaches

“As an outsourced back office service, we are very good at the technical aspects of our business. Our background and strength however is not in marketing. Carolyn Reid of Red Wheel Marketing brought a refreshing perspective to us, providing with ideas on new strategies as well as suggestions for improvements to our existing approaches.”


Things Get Done

“You guys are kick-ass. You are the one department I don’t have to worry about or chase. You get things done.”

Paul Heino
President, Sundex

Valuable New Perspective

"Our start-up last Friday turned out to be quite a revelation! We sat down with the expectation of coming away with a few useful marketing tips for promoting the services of our young tour company. That was before you took us on a “mental expedition” to the core of our company.

Over the next couple of hours you skilfully analyzed our product, our branding and our markets, and showed us exactly where our positioning was off, and what steps we should focus on to eliminate any ambiguity about our services. We found your detailed comments on our “work-in-progress” website particularly eye-opening. Your analytical and frank approach was most helpful in letting us see our company from an entirely new perspective – that of the potential customer.

We now have a road map for making the necessary adjustments that will surely take us in the right direction. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we can now go forward with confidence and purpose, and we would like Red Wheel Marketing to assist us periodically, to make sure that we stay on course and can avoid costly mistakes."


OTG Financial

Get Things Done with an Instant Marketing Team

"Just wanted to say thank you for jumping to my rescue and helping put together a marketing action plan for my Board on such short notice… It's nice to know there is a resource out there for smaller organizations who do not have the luxury of having a group of marketers on staff. You've got a great service - I will not hesitate to call you again if needed.

Bob Dameron
President & CEO, OTG Financial

Results for Small & Mid Size Businesses

"…They recognize the challenge most small and medium-sized enterprises face: how do you harness preeminent marketing strategies and tactics in a way that makes sense for their size? Her outsourced business model – providing proven, scalable marketing and sales expertise, custom-designed for each situation – is a highly practical value proposition that ensures her clients reap big dividends."

Peter Jennings
Chairman & Creative Director, The Exclusive Group

….and the final word…

“The best thing I did this year was hire Red Wheel Marketing”

Paul Heino, President, Sundex