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January 2016

Marketing in This Economy

Jan 28, 2016 9:31 AM
Carolyn Reid

To Market? Or Not to Market?

Okay – so you can’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper without seeing the words recession or downturn.

The fact of the matter is, the global economy is not in the position it was a year ago. While your natural reaction is to pull back and cut spending in areas like marketing – we challenge you to consider another course of action.

Ask yourself what your competitors are most likely doing right now in terms of marketing spending. Probably something along the lines of your initial reaction. Now what does this create? A void – an impressive opportunity for your company to spend wise marketing dollars to push yourself ahead of the pack. It’s not necessarily about spending more, or less – it’s about spending differently

Red Wheel will come up with a marketing solution that works for you - and takes into consideration the current state of the economy - and how it is effecting your company and your customers.

Belt Tightening? Looking for Extra Marketing Help?

You understand the importance of marketing during a downturn.

You also understand the importance of your dollar.

So when cash flow is an issue, keeping an entire marketing department on staff, or even just one mid-level marketer can be quite expensive. A simple alternative, if you are looking to downsize, but not cut your marketing out completely – is to outsource.

When you outsource your marketing to Red Wheel, we become your marketing department. You gain access to an entire TEAM of seasoned senior level marketing professionals – all for less than what it would cost you to carry employees internally.