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December 2015

Five reasons to Outsource

Dec 23, 2015 9:41 AM
Carolyn Reid

5 Reasons Why an Outsourced Marketing Service Is Your Best Bet To Invigorate Sales and Profits


If you are running a $10 to $75 million company that is not achieving its full sales and profit potential, you almost certainly need to take a closer look at your marketing. If you can relate to this situation, here’s a new alternative that has helped other companies in situations similar to yours.

Now you can retain a professional outsourced marketing service to develop and implement a customized marketing program designed to get your sales and profits back on track.

There are 5 distinct advantages to outsourcing all or a portion of your marketing.

1. Senior Marketing Expertise That Is Cost Effective

You get access to a team of seasoned professionals, who will provide the full range of marketing expertise from a single source. Why hire one internal marketer, when you can draw on a team of senior level marketing professionals for the same cost? An outsourced marketing department is the most comprehensive solution to your marketing needs, and it can be scaled to any budget.





2. Fresh Insights from an External & Objective Source

Outsourced marketing professionals will help you better understand your business. They will listen to you, your employees and your customers and hear things that you may have missed because you are too close to the everyday operation of your business. From this they will help you to better articulate your company’s Unique Value Proposition.

Here’s an example. One of our clients thought he was in the business of selling commercial and industrial cleaning equipment…that is until we – his outsourced marketing service – pointed out that he was really in the business of helping managers solve problems. With this new understanding, the company changed its positioning to focus on providing cleaning solutions rather than cleaning equipment. And within months sales took off! The client was now communicating his value in a way that resonated with his clients and prospective clients.

3. An Integrated Marketing Plan will Increase Revenue

To have a meaningful impact on your sales and profits, you will need an
Integrated Marketing Plan that encompasses not only marketing communications, but also product management strategies, sales tools, sales processes and training programs.

An integrated marketing plan should address ways to:

  • Increase new client acquisitions

  • Increase sales from existing clients

  • Increase client retention

Not only should your marketing program address these key issues, it should be customized according to your company’s size, budget and business objectives.

4. Testing and Measurement Will Improve Profits

A professional outsourced marketing service should set up a testing process to ensure the effectiveness of all advertising communications. Ongoing measurement of other marketing initiatives also ensures optimal effectiveness. Testing and measurement will help to reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer, and continually improve the effectiveness of all marketing initiatives. This will ensure that you are getting the best possible value from every dollar you are spending on sales and will get more bang for your marketing buck!

5. Network of Specialty Suppliers Ensures Work Gets Done Effectively & Efficiently

A good outsourced marketing service will have a range of contacts with specialty suppliers including graphic designers, web developers, advertising agencies, event organizers and others. This means they can quickly bring to the table the right trusted suppliers with the right skills, and usually negotiate preferential pricing in the process.

When entering into an important contract on behalf of your company, you would never trust its drafting to a newly minted lawyer…or worse yet…to someone on your staff with no legal training. Correspondingly, your company’s marketing strategy is at least as important to your company’s success… so, be sure you have access to top notch marketing expertise on an ongoing basis.



If you are looking to jump-start your sales and may want to consider an outsourced marketing service to take advantage of:

  • Senior marketing expertise at a reasonable price

  • Fresh insights from an external & objective source

  • An integrated marketing plan to increase revenue

  • Testing and measurement to improve profits

  • A network of specialty suppliers to ensure your work gets done effectively & efficiently

To summarize…many small and midsize companies should consider
Outsourced Marketing Management to ensure their business achieves its full potential.









Carolyn Reid is the President of Red Wheel Marketing.
Red Wheel Marketing is an Outsourced Marketing Service providing marketing and sales strategy and implementation to small and midsized companies.