Jump Start your Business

'I’m a small business that needs a great new go-to-market plan, on a not-so-great marketing budget… HELP!'

Give us a call to find out how JUMPSTART helps your Small Businesses Get Customers, Grow Customers, and Keep Customers.

Jason Daly, right after finishing JUMPSTART

Small package with lots of value.

Our program is designed for you to get the most value for your investment, because we know that small businesses want to make every dollar to go as far as possible.

A Customized Marketing Action Plan

We help you research and understand your market, and you walk away with your tailored, year-at-a-glance roadmap full of marketing practices that fit your business.

Immediate and Ongoing Collaboration

We set you up on our collaboration / project management system that gives you:

  • Ability to organize and share your marketing files
  • Marketing knowledgebase
  • Ongoing discussions, group input and shared information from Red Wheel’s experts and other members
  • Project Management and accountability – Track your progress and understand what needs to be done

Real Market Growth Strategies, Not Guesswork

We give you a systematic process before you start, so you can easily bridge the gap between your marketing plan and your business growth.

Get it Done and Get it Done Right

Choose to implement your own plan, or hire Red Wheel to do it for you

Access to Pre-Screened Marketing Professionals

To help you implement your plan, we give you access to our pre-screened marketing partners.

CaRoline Aston, after finishing JUMPSTART

Small Business Helping Small Business.

Sign up for JUMPSTART and we will finance a loan in your name through Kiva. You get to join our  Red Wheel Marketing Kiva Team and  select the individual you would like to finance.