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Janine Harris right after finishing the JUMPSTART program.

JUMPSTART has 2 Phases to help you gain traction in your Marketing.

Phase 1: The MAP development phase

We provide the structure, expertise and coaching, as well as tools, framework, and facilitation. You do the legwork and documentation.
This takes place in 3 days over a 3 week period and is done in private or groups. It comes with:

Unlimited Telephone, Email & Online Support - During the 3-week MAP development period

Access to Pre-Screened Service Providers - Such as website and graphic design, copywriting, promotion and other key marketing services.

24/7 Access to our Online Collaboration Tool - Access to research, files and discussion boards

Marketing Tools - Access to forms, questionnaires, templates and proven systematic processes.

Phase 2: The MAP implementation phase

Red Wheel provides a range of coaching and hands-on implementation support options. These will help you stay on track and optimize results through the year.

COACHING Compass Package
6 Sessions to get you started on the right track (private or group)

COACHING Navigation Package
12 Sessions for sustained marketing success (private or group)

Online Collaboration Tool
Continue accessing our online forum with an annual membership
Hands-On Project Implementation
Get hands-on help from Red Wheel’s Marketing team for specific marketing projects
Your Marketing Team
Have your own marketing team ongoing 1-day per month. Gives you strategic coaching and implementation.

Of course we are alway available for extra coaching sessions to go deeper in areas where you need additional support.

Are you a Start-up? We suggests you book 2 additional sessions with us to go over your operations and finance needs.

Private or Group? Your choice.


With a focus on your specific market and revenue goals. Bring key members of your team with you for maximum impact.

Group (3-8 participants)

Discover what other business owners are doing and work together to understand your marketing goals.

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