Marketing Action Plans - MAPs

‘Before Red Wheel, I had lots of ideas, but trying to figure out where to start and how to do it all was like trying to sculpt fog'

The Red Wheel Marketing team are trained fog sculptors. We'll help you get started with a marketing plan.

A marketing action plan that’s practical and right for you

We build plans that work (because we often get to implement them).

Many companies (and some consultants) confuse marketing plans with advertising campaigns. Red Wheel plans tackle five marketing Ps — Product, Pricing, People, Place, and Promotion — and focus on tying it together with your brand's positioning.

                                  The 5 P's of Marketing: Promotion, Place, Product, People and Price

Our 4-step process ensures an integrated, focused plan—a roadmap to reach your objectives sooner.

We'll aim for the best balance between fresh ideas and what you’re already doing well. And we'll work with your people to get buy-in for everything we do.

          The 4 Step Process to creating your Marketing Action Plan

The right plan:

> Understands your market
> Is consistent with your brand
> Meets your scope and spend and timing targets
> Defines the roles of inside and outside resources
> Includes tools and a process to monitor and measure results

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