Programs, tools & processes
                                   that get the job done

‘Some time ago I paid a consultant to create a marketing plan, but it sat on the shelf and nothing got done.’

We call these “SPOTS” …Strategic Plans on Top Shelf… They have a tendency to gather dust unless there is a knowledgeable person or two tasked with getting things built and implemented.

We’ve helped clients develop these and other programs:

> Customer Touch: Consistent, integrated sales and marketing touch to be top-of-mind
      with customers
> Lead / Opportunity Generation: For current, previous or prospective clients
> Lead Management: Be money-wise about following up on leads
> Trade Advertising: Assess, then enhance, start or eliminate a trade magazine
      advertising program
> Trade Show Optimization: Identify and analyze activities before, during and after trade
      shows to optimize results
> Brochure and website development: Finding, engaging and managing specialists
> E-marketing: Search engine optimization, search marketing, online PR, blogs and 
> Channel Development: Developing structures, processes and tools to facilitate lead
      streaming from indirect sources
> Customer Surveys: Using survey not just as satisfaction gauges, but as a sales tools
> Total Customer Experience (TCE) Mapping: Uncovering opportunities for excellence;
      establishing remedial plans
> Customer Advisory Board Development: Getting closer to key customers, gaining
      strategic input and ultimately growing sales

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We build programs, tools and processes to meet any marketing challenge.

Red Wheel supports clients with a wide range of marketing processes and programs. We’ll help you develop and implement the kinds of programs Fortune 500 companies use to get sustainable results

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