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Cranking up the sales force

Are they doing the right thing in the right place at the right time?

Red Wheel Marketing can boost sales efforts by:

Optimizing the sales organization

A Sales PipelineAs the market changes, as your objectives evolve, as the competition gets tougher and budgets tighter, it’s important to reassess your sales organization. It’s time to look at structure, the competencies needed, and individual abilities. We’ll help answer these key questions:

> Are the right people doing 
   the right things?

> Can your good “farmers” 
    become good “hunters”? 
    Do they need training for 
    this? Or should you have      
    dedicated hunters?

> Should territories be organized by geography, client type or product line?  

Sales process development, analysis and enhancement

Whether your sales team numbers 1 or 51, a clear, documented sales process ensures consistency of effort and message. A good process also lets you analyze sales funnel flow, conversion times and rates for each step in the process across your team. With a defined process, you can tackle these questions:

> Are there ways to engage more prospects and, in the end, grow sales?
> Is there a way to shorten sales process, or even eliminate a step?
> Is there a way to identify opportunities sooner?

Need more punch from your sales team?

Red Wheel can help with strategies and initiatives. We also can develop tools to help the sales force be more productive.

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